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The permanent development in plastics processing technology as well as the aim to ensure and further enhance product quality requires optimisation of any system components. Static mixing technology can make a contribution to more successes in plastics processing. Static Mixing is an attractive solution because of good cost/performance ratio, reliable and reproducible mixing results, simple and cost-effective retrofitting.



Injection Molding NozzleHot runnerLSR Foam injection moldingExtrusion (plates, films, profiles)


Thermoplastics: LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, HIPS etcEngineering Polymers: POM, PMMA, TPU, PET, PBT, SAN, ABS, LCP, PA etc.Filled Polymers: glass-fibers, mineral fillers, etc.Foamed Polymers: PS, PE, PP, PET, etc.

Main Benefits

Homogenization of additives:

MB for color, flame retardant, laser;excellent distribution of additives;equalise color depth / better color appearance;saving of masterbatch;improved processing of regrinds.

Thermal Homogenization of temperature distribution:

  • avoid brilliant spots;better admixing of gels.

Influence flow profile – equalise velocity differences accross the flow channel:

balancing of hot runner system;avoid out-of-balance masses when producing rotating parts.


General Advantage

Static mixers do not have moving parts, which means low investment costs as well as simple maintenance and low operating costs. Mixing effect is not random but takes place according to a geometric principle with a simple scale-up and hence no risk to existing system. There is a possibility to install static mixer into existing nozzle also.

Sample Testing


Machine: Engel e-Motion 2800 T; screw dia. 70 mm with L/D 20

  • Mold: 4 cavity mold with hot runner
  • Item: Cover 22cm * 13cm
  • Polymer: HIPS (TOTAL 6540) with MFI 11.5 (200/5)
  • Shot weight: 68.9 g / injection time 2.3 sec


1. Bez statisko mikseri

2. Tikai viens filtrs 0,4mm

3. With 6 mixing elements size 17 2.4 % master batch

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Mixers for extruders

800.00 EUR
cena ar PVN 968.00 EUR
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